Musings - The Culled

“I hung out at the stationary store last night, mate. It was loads of fun!”

Ever heard anyone say that?

No. Cause no one hangs out at the stationary store or the grocery store or any store. Then what’s the point of shutting them down when covid cases rise. Often, the time limits imposed on shops are the very reason for this rise.

Picture this.

You have to buy a week’s worth of groceries because you don’t want to go out any more than absolutely necessary. You’ve got a couple of hours window before the shop closes.

You check the time on your watch.

You arm yourself with the grocery list.

Get. Set. Go!

You arrive at the grocery store.

And…….. plunge into a sea of humans! All with the same agenda as you.

Even a toddler knows by now — where there are humans, there’s covid virus.

The rest of this story can be of hope and recovery or despair and death all depending on your and your loved ones’ immune systems. And thus, the system created to protect the people makes victims out of them.

Impose limits on those places that people haunt for the sake of haunting like bars, restaurants etc. At least, these people can try to keep things running by offering doorstep delivery. I see many other kind of stores shuttered right here in my own neighbourhood. The culled who couldn’t afford to pay rent anymore.

Why cull them?

Why set a window that opens up to disease?

Why cause pain in an already painful world?

Really, no one wants to hang at the stationary store. It’s not fun.

I’m Divya, an amateur author and poet. After years of writing short stories and poetry, I am now embarking on the adventure of sharing my work with the world!