Achievements are not the same for everyone.

I mean it both literally and metaphorically. You might be the next Einstein but your artistic pioneer friend who has rewritten the rules of modern art may not consider you in his league.

We celebrate achievements. All of us do. A few permit…

“I hung out at the stationary store last night, mate. It was loads of fun!”

Ever heard anyone say that?

No. Cause no one hangs out at the stationary store or the grocery store or any store. Then what’s the point of shutting them down when covid cases rise. …

I’m sure you’ve all heard of the legend of multi-tasking. Women, in particular, take obvious pride in claiming that they can multi-task like a pro, girrrrllll!

Prick. Phwooo!

There. I’ve burst their bubble.

The truth is that apart from a few high IQ geniuses, most us common persons are not…

The search commences.

Scratch that.

The Search commences!

Yes that conveys the sentiment with accuracy. My mother has been unleashed upon the marriage market with the objective of finding an amiable groom for me. I admire her optimism despite the numerous rejections that she makes everyday.

Apparently, all eligible bachelors…

A perfectly sweet smile

Fluttering, flirty, content eyes

Painted beautifully on her mask

Strolling effortlessly by the lanes of life

Through a thousand highs and lows

Fixed on her face without asks

Come rain or shine

Come hail or night

It never shifts its place

The hand that holds it

Wherefore art thou?

Oh Strong Man!

Whose weapons fists and punches are naught,

But was, with the shield of words always taught,

Wherefore art thou?

Oh Sensible Man!

Are you a mythical beast or a fable of lore?

Your wisdom blossoming to the fore,

Wherefore art thou?

Oh Empathetic Man!

My heritage is Keralan. Yes, I am descended from God’s own country. The land of the green glades, plenty and progress. I used to love going to my hometown, which kid wouldn’t? It had large outdoor spaces, a swing on a mango tree, delicious homemade food and everyone loved me.

Somewhere between playing with toys and becoming toys of life, we all grew up.

Not me.

My mother tells me I was born 35 years old and that I get more middle-aged every year.

This article is not about growing up, it’s about growing.

My relationship with my parents has…

Miss Di

I’m Divya, an amateur author and poet. After years of writing short stories and poetry, I am now embarking on the adventure of sharing my work with the world!

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